LIVE MAGIC - Rubberband Escaper (1-2)

LIVE MAGIC - Rubberband Escaper (1-2)

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Vol 1

1 to 2 Rubber Band
The Crazyman's Handcuffs
Back Two-Gether (Mark Fitzgerald)
Soft Spot
Twice As Crazy (Dave Neighbors)
Crazy Link (Dave Neighbors)
Crazy Twist Vanish
Card Cuffs (Donald Carolan)
Climbing Ring (Martin Gardner)
Snap Two (John Swomley)
1 to 2 Split
Spaghetti Up Nose (Joe Rindfleisch)
Pans! (Joe Rindfleisch)
Break Up the Band (Bobby Plaut)
Starweaver (Jeff McBride)
Bonus Effect