Liam Montier - Thunk

Liam Montier - Thunk

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THUNK!' is a brand new PDF from Liam Montier.

At nearly 75 pages and photos throughout, it details a whopping dozen tricks!

6 of the effects have been routined together into 2 mini 'sets', making them an ideal act of card magic for when somebody just hands you a deck of cards!

Everything uses just a regular deck, and no complicated sleights or moves - everything is well in the range of magicians familiar with the Double Lift, Elmsley Count, etc.


Set 1

  • Poker Face - A 'Derren Brown' style poker demonstration concludes with a startling production!
  • WWBD - Four Aces are impossibly cut to from a topsy turvy deck, before everything straightens itself out. The most direct handling possible.
  • Hitchslap Aces - The Henry Christ Fabulous Four Ace trick gets a make over, with help from Andi Gladwin, and a killer Chad Long idea!

Set 2

  • Sly Cheese - Cameron Francis - A crazy backfire Aces routine that is EASY! You will love it!
  • Hoarders - Go straight into a David Regal inspired super-clean collectors!
  • Rebound - Having caught the selections from the deck in the previous trick, the selections now 'Rebound!' back into the pack in a visual fashion.


  • Headshot - Liam's definitive version of the Richard Sanders 'King Thing' plot. This is easy, deceptive, and completely fooling. A keeper!
  • Date - The Royal Marriages plot. But good.
  • Cold Case - Do Hofzinsers Ace with no moves, the Aces isolated in the card case before you start, and reveal a card that not even the spectators knew they had chosen!
  • Repeat Offender - The only technical piece in the book, a surprising card revelation that even works when the spectator tries it, with the deck out of your hands!
  • Keepers - A KILLER handling of Alex Elmsley's Serendipity routine, where two predictions between three Queens turn out to be the selected and signed cards.
  • Age of Conus - Part Conus Aces, part mentalism, this crazy routine has literally everything!