Kyle Littleton Download Bundle by Kyle Littleton

Kyle Littleton Download Bundle by Kyle Littleton

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Kyle Littleton Download Bundle By Kyle Littleton

This is a moment of tremendous pride for us. Kyle Littleton, a part of the Vanishing Inc family (he’s part of warehouse super-team), happens to also have a pair of the smoothest hands we’ve ever encountered. When he does moves or routines, they just look better in his hands. Prepare yourselves for two FANTASTIC downloads from Vanishing Inc.'s own Kyle Littleton. Expect beautiful magic that is going to fool you badly and make you laugh! Sound too good to be true? Just watch the trailer above!

You will learn:

Fantasy Triumph - This Triumph routine is an outstanding example of superb sleight of hand, and creative innovation. It ticks all the boxes: it’s visual, entirely in the hands, can be done from a borrowed, shuffled deck, and no gimmicks are used. In the course of the download you’ll learn three unique moves that can be applied to other routines. If you forget your knowledge of magic and think about what it would look like if you really had the power to mix cards face-up and face-down, and then cause them straighten, it would look just like this. Put simply, this is the best impromptu handling of Triumph that we know of!

Rebecca's Pushy - This amazing quickie routine is over in seconds, but packs a huge punch. Based on one of Paul Harris’s most underrated effects, “Rebecca’s Pushy” is a visual Triumph-style routine that requires no gimmicks or sleight-of-hand, and can be done surrounded.

In effect, you “push” cards through each other to eliminate cards until you are left with just the selection. The effect is topological in nature, but looks extremely pretty. You have to watch the trailer to understand the beauty of the effect.

No gimmicks are required, it contains three visual moments, it’s angle proof, and entirely in the hands. What more can you ask for out of a card trick?