Justin Miller - V.O.I.D.

Justin Miller - V.O.I.D.

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Justin Miller - V.O.I.D.

JM Presents V.O.I.D Make your deck appear!

Pulling out a deck of cards in not magic and can actually turn people off, I mean if you were a REAL magician would you really pull a deck out of your pocket, or would you make one magically appear? V.O.I.D is my solution to the appearing deck plot which countless others (regal, eddie, carbone, harris, harkey, jokers magic.etc...) have tackled as well.

This is my solution to that plot.

I use this in everyday work and it gets a great reaction, one I know you will love getting as well!

Asking to see some magic, you comply and pull out a flat card board case, looking puzzled, and without saying a word, you show the case to be totally empty and proceed to fold the case up into the shape of a box, then you magically produce a full deck of cards and go on with your card magic.

  • The box is compact so it fits anywhere!
  • The case is shown empty!
  • The box can be examined afterwards if you wish, I mean it is just a folded card box after all!
  • You can produce a reg. deck or a gimmick deck..up to you!
  • Instantly resets!
  • Super easy to do and make!