John Carey Collection 1 & 2 (DVD download)

John Carey Collection 1 & 2 (DVD download)

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John Carey Collection 1-2

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John Carey is a master at combining principles, cherry-picking the very best subtleties and ideas, and combining them into simple, strong effects. We asked him to choose six of his very FAVORITE routines from amongst EVERYTHING he has created...and we are proud to offer The John Carey Collections 1 & 2, offering three unpublished effects in each download.

On volume 1:

Pseudo Vernon: This three-trick collection begins with a deck shuffled and cut by the spectator. Through process of elimination, the spectator THINKS of a card from the pack. The magician deals through the shuffled deck face down and stops on a card (this is before the spectator names her thought-of card). She names the card and the stopped-at card is revealed...a perfect match!

Dead Cut: A stunning revelation of a selected card that appears at a named-at number, which John effortlessly cuts to.

Piggy in the Middle: Finally, we explore a sandwich routine that is as clean as they come, with no setup or tricky moves. Best of all, the control embedded in this routine can be used for lots of other routines.

John Carey is a close friend and confidant. I am proud to finally have him represented at Vanishing Inc. I use serveral of his effects in my repertoire as they are direct, clean and astonishing.Andi Gladwin

On volume 2:

Crist Cross Searchers: Two Jokers that begin near the top and bottom of the deck magically appear together, progressively, to trap a selected card. This is the most innovative handling of the Searchers we have yet come across.

Think and Sync: This thought-of card routine is a REAL fooler. Watch the trailer and try to reconstruct it!

On the Up, Up, Up: In this pretty ditty, a Queen ascends among a packet of black cards. Unexpectedly, the other cards change into the Queens at the end.

John Carey has a knack for cutting away all the chaff, and leaving nothing behind but charming and bewildering card mysteries like the ones you'll find in these two volumes: workers you can call on anytime, anywhere.Jack Carpenter