Joel Dickinson - Zodiac in Mind PDF

Joel Dickinson - Zodiac in Mind PDF

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Joel Dickinson - Zodiac in Mind

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This is a star sign reveal which is ideal for amateur and professional magicians.

Your participant selects a playing card and they are told they will either be a truth teller or a liar, the outcome of which is completely unknown to you. Then a few questions are asked relating to the playing card. Once the questions are answered you will know the selected playing card with accuracy. Now you will be ready to reveal the month your participant was born or their star sign.

Your participant and the audience will have no idea how you know this personal information. Now you know your participants birth month or star sign you can frame new routines and effects around this; you're effectively well ahead of the game.

I provide a selection of presentations to reveal your participant's month of birth or zodiac and a cold read to leave your audience with what appears to be a psychic experience...

Very basic card handling skills are required.