James Watkins - Phoenix Rising

James Watkins - Phoenix Rising

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This is a very well thought out and carefully described torn-and-restored card effect. Seven alternate handlings are explained, plus you get a strong bonus effect.

A card is freely selected; the spectator signs their name on the face of the card, and the magician signs his/her name on the back. An envelope is introduced, and the spectator is asked to open it up, and remove one of the pieces of paper it contains, and to examine it if they wish. After the paper is selected, the freely chosen card is visually ripped into four pieces and wrapped up inside of the chosen piece of paper, lit and in the blink of an eye, the paper along with the shredded up card has vanished. The magician shows his hands empty and his sleeves rolled up. The magician draws attention to his pocket, and slowly and fairly reaches in to grab none other than the spectator’s freely chosen card.

Bonus effect: Ripped and Flipped
A card is freely selected; the spectator signs the face of the card; the card is then visually ripped into four pieces and displayed fairly. The torn pieces are folded; the magician allows the spectator to hold onto the deck of cards. The magician takes the pieces and rubs them on the deck. After a few seconds the magician brings his/her hand up from the deck, only they are empty! The magician tells the spectator to fan through the deck; the spectator does so, and they are shocked to see their selected and signed card face up in the middle of the pack!

1st edition 2004; 24 pages.
word count: 6741 which is equivalent to 26 standard pages of text