It Must Be Mindreading By George Anderson

It Must Be Mindreading By George Anderson

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It Must Be Mindreading By George Anderson


Although written in 1949, George Anderson's "It Must Be Mindreading," remains one of the best books available for the contemporary mentalist. Anderson's self-imposed criteria for the book, such as no confederates or assistants, no cumbersome or heavy gimmicks, no effects that require an elaborate set-up, no untested material, always use the simplest method, no card effects for platform...etcetera, is well aligned with the thinking of many of today's most successful one-man acts. Packed with solid, 100% practical material divided between close-up and platform mentalism, "It Must Be Mindreading" includes predictions, design duplication, book tests, a complete Q&A act as well as how to improve any existing question-answering act (The Vital Spot), billet switches, a diabolical and inexpensive impression device for close-up work you can make for pennies, a murder mystery plot, the fascinating story of how Anderson got his start in mentalism while in college, a "haphazard" bibliography (see below), and more. 55 pages, completely re-typeset, top quality edition. Don't miss this one!