Ink-Jet by Jean-Pierre Vallarino 2018

Ink-Jet by Jean-Pierre Vallarino 2018

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Ink-Jet (Online Instructions) by Jean-Pier Vallarino

2018 Ink-Jet by Jean Pierre Vallarino

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An original routine combining both mentalism and a surprising visual effect. 

A new method with an exceptional climax! 

The name of the chosen card appears on the card case! 

Effect: The magician writes a prediction on the card case. The spectator freely selects a card from the deck. The magician turns the case over, to find a mixed up set of letters. After a quick gesture, the letters form the name of the card! The cards are spread, and one card is face up - the spectator's card. And, its back is a different color from those of the rest of the cards! 

The card case can even be examined afterwards. For those who know: YES the inscription is really ON the box and the card-case can be given to the spectator.

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