Inaki Zabaletta LIVE ACT (Penguin LIVE) 2020

Inaki Zabaletta LIVE ACT (Penguin LIVE) 2020

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Products Description

"The most complete and successful profesional magician I have ever seen." -Michel Clavelo 

"Iñaki is a very talented magician, someone with flawless technique, charisma and total effectiveness with the audience." -Woody Aragon

"Iñaki Zabaletta’s Live ACT is “must have”. All the material is very strong, well proved with many, many types of audiences and very practical. Very seldom will you find such a complete artist that can do close-up, stage, parlour and children at such a great level. I particularly have been doing “Silkeny” for the past 11 years and it’s still a blast and very difficult to take out of my repertoire. Please do yourself a treat and get this Penguin Live ACT, and you will instantly have a profesional act that is amazing!" -Manuel LLaser

What will he teach?

Parlor and Stage Act:

No Way bottle production. Bottle production without jacket.

Impostors: two jokers change to spectator´s selected cards
Sylkeny: Colour changing routine with fake explanation and a special ending.
Psyco: Card stab routine Malini´s style. The highlight of the routine is that the spectator shuffle the cards on the table (scrablle the cards) and inmediately after that the magician stabs the cards.
R&B phenomena: Out of this world for parlour and stage conditions.
Bill, nut, egg and orange: profesional and practical handling for this wonderful classic.


Who is he?

Carlos Ignacio Zabaletta. ¨Iñaki Zabaletta¨ Was born in Mar del Plata; Argentina, the 28 of August of 1981.

He began his studies in magic at the age of nine with the great master Ricardo Martín and today he continues studying and researching to develop this marvelous art to the highest level.

He combines his labour as a performer with teaching magic in the most prestigious magic schools in the world: Vernet in Argentina, and the Ana Tamariz Magic School in Spain. He is also a professor at the University Infanta Cristina of Madrid.

From 2016 to 2019 has performed as a resident magician in Chimelong doing more than 3000 presentations.

He has been and award winner with diverse prizes among them the World Prize of Card Magic (FISM The Hage 2003).

He has worked for corporations like Vichy, Lexapro, Fevert, Tandberg, Accenture, Gambito, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Clarín, Halcón Viajes, Calvin Klein, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, Bang and Olufsen, Randstad...
He also performed in prestigious theatres eg. Teatro de Casa De Vacas (Madrid), Complejo la Plaza (Buenos Aires). La cripta Mágica (Madrid), Teatro Arenal (Madrid), Gialino Music Theatre (Athens), Sala Galileo Galilei (Madrid)… and in cruce line Grand Voyaguer of Iberojet.

He has done specific conferences and galas around the globe eg. Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Thailand, Colombia, Spain, Finland, The Netherlands, Grece, England, Germany, China…

Also several interventions on tv in Spain, Greece and Argentina.