Iain Moran - The Cullfather Cull (Video Download)

Iain Moran - The Cullfather Cull (Video Download)

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Iain Moran - The Cullfather Cull

A very practical approach, coupled with a detailed explanation of the effect of the demo , it is rare good teaching ! You can use this technique for a license , forcing the card, control card , or even complete the magic setting , there are many, many many applications , this approach is CULLING!

Video Demo:


A brand new DVD from the creators of "The Trickery" & "2wo Faced", "The Cullfather"

teaches you this amazing technique that'll transform your card magic. And when we say

teach, mean TEACH. 13 in-depth lessons. Beginner to Expert. An hour's worth of

tutorials that will show you every facet of this incredible move (Taught by acclaimed UK

magician Iain Moran whose preference is for the Hofzinser Spread Cull - Marlo Prayer


And you can use CULLING to switch cards ... force cards ... control cards ... set-up tricks ...

as an out ... and HUNDREDS of other applications!

In fact, if you can CULL you can dispense with HUNDREDS of moves !!

Just for starters, ALL of this lot:

Vernon Strip-Out Addition, Braue Addition, Double Undercut, Classic Pass, Turnover Pass

Riffle Pass, Cutting, Classic Force, Riffle Force, Cross Cut Force, Slip Force, Dribble

Force Secret Subtraction, Dribble Pass, Balducci Force, Double Turnover, Top Change,

Bluff Pass, Multiple Shift, Side Steal, Spread Pass, Cover Pass ...

1) Cull one Card.
2) Mistakes.
3) Culling to Specific Locations.
4) Culling from Awkward Positions.
5) Culling Multiple Cards.
6) Mistakes - Part 2.
7) Controlling via Culling.
8) Forcing via Culling.
9) Setting Up via Culling.
10) Culling 2 Cards Next to Each Other.
11) Switching via Culling.
12) Culling as an Out.
13) Culling Face Down Cards.

1.Aces on High
2.Dream Card
3.Funny Business
4.Quantum Sandwich
5.Ace Orgy
6.Concrete Sandwich

The Review

1.Cull one Card -. This is the root of the effect and is taught very well
2.Mistakes -. How to avoid them well worth watching
3.Culling to Specific Locations -. Super useful move!
4.Culling from Awkward Positions -. This really helps
5.Culling Multiple Cards -. Now we are cooking with gas!
6.Mistakes - Part 2. -! Very important That's why they talk about this again!
7.Controlling via Culling -. Has more uses then Batman's utility belt!
8.Forcing via Culling -. Now this freaks out Owen And me as well!!
9.Setting Up via Culling -. Some great info here!
10.Culling 2 Cards Next to Each Other -. Now this is good!
11.Switching via Culling -. Wow Very useful and some great point raised!
12.Culling as an Out -. Now you can save the effect in some instances
13.Culling Face Down Cards -. This is well worth leaning!

Each use of the Cull is explained in great detail, The lessons start with the basic move

and build up to the harder and more powerful stuff on the DVD. Everything is taught well

and Iain really shows the power of this underused move.

The use of the multi view is great and really helps with learning the move. Iain points

out everything and of course Owen asks the questions and gives some great ideas.

With the forcing cull this really hits poor Owen! His language is very colourful but it

It is bleeped out. To me this really shows some of the clever stuff that can be done.

By the time you follow the lessons and learn this useful move, the next bit is even



1.Aces on High - A super quick, in the hands 4 Ace effect
2.Dream Card - Signed card to Pocket with kicker ending
3.Funny Business - A version of the Business card finds their selection
4.Quantum Sandwich - A nice version of the Sandwich Effect
5.Ace Orgy - A "I dream of Aces" but even more impossible looking
6.Concrete Sandwich -! Now this is worth the price of the DVD Looks great, gets the

spectator involved and they "do" everything!

All the effects are pure workers, super easy once you master the culling from the

lessons and the Dream Card effect is one that I REALLY want to do!

Great teaching by Iain yet again and well worth the time and effort to learn. I think

these will find many new homes in your routines!