Hondo - Infinitum

Hondo - Infinitum

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Infinitum becomes one of the favorite magic tricks of a Taiwanese magician, Hondo, after his long-term experience. Just imagine it. A magician uses nothing but rubber bands to show many tricks, like making rubber bands connect with each one and give them to the audiences as souvenirs. How wonderful it is! The audiences might not remember how he finds the card but whenever they see the rubber bands, which will remind them of him, who had connected two rubber bands in an unbelievable way!

The best part of Infinitum is that, in the process of connecting, it is very natural and direct. There is no deliberate shaking or covering. What the audiences see is just two individual rubber bands being connected instantly without breaking either of them. It can even be played back in slow motion. It is like a real witchcraft unfolded right before your eyes.