Holy light by Keanu Ho & AL Chen (Video Download)

Holy light by Keanu Ho & AL Chen (Video Download)

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Holy light by Keanu Ho

High Quality MP4 video download now

"It's a romantic and sexy trick!" 
-Rocco Silano 

Holy Light is not just a flashlight that looks like a magic wand. It has a unique design and has a heart-shaped light to make a classic sponge ball routine fun, innovative, simple, vivid, and powerful. 

Basic Routine: 

1. Use the heart light to make a heart appear on the magic wand. 
2. Make it blink like heart beats, then make two hearts appear from the audience and yourself. 
3. Make a heart magically transport from your hand into your spectator's hand by moving the heart light. 
4. For the finale, use the heart light to make a small heart super big! 

Holy Light can be used in many different ways. You can even multiply and vanish the hearts on any playing cards, etc.... Endless possibilities. 

This package comes with everything you need. You do not need to prepare or purchase any extras. 

Here's what you get:
  • Online introduction (live performance included)
Here's what's special about Holy Light:
  • It's also a keychain. Easy to carry around. It packs small, plays big.
  • The effect is romantic and straight forward.
  • Complete with several routines.
  • Easy to perform.
  • Endless ways to use it with any object!