Hexagon by Patrick G. Redford (PDF)

Hexagon by Patrick G. Redford (PDF)

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Hexagon by Patrick Redford

Six Impromptu effects that harness time.

Patrick Redford Returns with six impromptu effects!

Be The First To Have Your Very Own Super Powers On Your Wrist Watch. Here's How...

Need to impress a client over the phone?Ring, Watch, Walletis an ultra clean location divination that may be performed without asking any questions and may be repeated.

You'll be able to pull three thought of times out of three subjects minds, then reprogram each of their thoughts not once, but twice withTossed out Time!

If you ever forget your watch or can't borrow one, you'll always be ready to perform an impromptu time divination withTime Turner.

Simply borrow a pen and business card and you're ready to go. Set a borrowed watch to the exact time someone freely set the watch to moments before withChronometer.

Give subjects the power to know what day of the week any date falls on using super intuition withSavant Soup.

In21st century Photo-reading, you'll capture a moment in time by impossibly describing a photograph that's been locked securely away in a mobile phone.

Hidden inside you'll also getThe Impromptu Momentand two more secret effects as a special bonus absolutely free!