Green Magic by Lennart Green Set (Volumes 1-3)

Green Magic by Lennart Green Set (Volumes 1-3)

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Green Magic by Lennart Green Set (Volumes 1-3)

There's no one else in the world quite like Sweden's Lennart Green. He's a true original both in life and in magic, and this originality really shines through in his incredible and hilarious performances. In constant demand all over the world, Lennart has even appeared on NBC's World's Greatest Magic. As anyone who has seen him knows, Lennart does things with a deck of cards that no one else has ever done before!

Volume One

  • The FISM Act - See that act that won Lennart the world championship!

Volume Two

  • The Poker Deal - Lennart deals five different killer hands from a shuffled deck!
  • The Temple of Shiva - A magical, mystical routine painted with a story of the future.
  • Deceptive Perception - No matter which card the spectator selects, it is always the odd card!
  • The One-Two Separation - From an audience-shuffled deck, Lennart magically separates the cards from red and black!
  • The Angle Riffle Shuffle - One of the most deceptive false-shuffles ever created.

Volume Three

  • Fractal Harmony - A masterpiece of card magic using a backdrop of mathematical fractals.
  • 2nd Birthday Gift - After magically producing a full bottle of whisky, a chosen card is removed from inside!