Free Hand By Patrick Redford PDF

Free Hand By Patrick Redford PDF

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Free Hand By Patrick Redford
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This long lost “Redford classic”  has been recovered!  Only a very small number of these exclusive manuscripts were ever printed and sold at it’s $40.00  original price tag. Since it’s limited release, copies have sold on auction sites for well over $100.00.  This is one of the many books that were lost in a data crash and never re-printed.  This downloadable file is taken from one of the few known physical copies of the book and is of reading quality, you might not even realize it’s been produced from the original print document! The forty-three page booklet contains nine effects.  We’re not sure how long we’ll keep this classic text available for download so grab it now in digital format while you still can!
The Original Advertisement Copy from the Back of the Booklet:
Patrick Redford explores a tool that’s more versatile than a swami, yet completely invisible to the audience.  Predictions may be written in bold marker large enough for an auditorium to read! In these pages you’ll discover how to influence the future, reveal the past, and predict virtually anything!
Reveal the Name of Childhood Crush
Mentally Influence Four Spectators Actions
Audience Member’s Reveal Thought off Lottery Numbers
Confabulation Applications
Influence Audience Member’s Choices Out of a Borrowed Phone Book
And More!
WE ALSO INCLUDE the ALL NEW download: “Free Hand Revisited.” In it you’ll learn how to do all of the original material without the use the gimmick and also how to use this principle on large pad of paper instead of a dry erase board.