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Fred Rosenbaum - The Sweet Psychic PDF

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The Sweet Psychic By Fred Rosenbaum


"Please Don't Scare Us..."

If you're a working pro, you have most likely run into the following scenario (and if you haven't, trust me -- you will):

You're trying to land a booking for a corporate or private engagement, and the event organizer asks, "Oh, by the way -- you're not going to be doing anything that will make our attendees uncomfortable, are you? Nothing too serious or scary, right?"

With Fred Rosenbaum's "The Sweet Psychic", you'll be able to respond with confidence, "Of course not -- this will be a lot of fun for everyone."

Using nothing more than a time-honored divinatory system and a bag of candy (talk about traveling light!), you'll be able entertain guests for hours with readings that can vary anywhere from 5 - 15 minutes, and be practically guaranteed that every guest will walk away with a smile on their face.

But don't take my extremely-biased word for it -- take a look at what others have said about "The Sweet Psychic":


"Following The Sweet Psychic formula, most beginners will be up and running in no time, and advanced readers will have yet another iron in the fire. And if they look carefully, Fred tips the single most important lesson that virtually any successful reader can possibly know. For a quick reading followed by a tasty nibble, this is just deliciously hard to beat." 
~~ Richard Busch

"It's a delightful book, and I'm certain it will raise the profiles - and incomes - of many psychic readers. I can't wait to try these ideas myself, especially at Ladies' Nights. This is an excellent and extremely practical book."
~~ Richard Webster

"The Sweet Psychic" is an intriguing concept that is perfect for quick party readings! Not only are Fred's readings technically respectable, he uses CANDY, for cryin' out loud! What an irresistible combination. He uses many very tried-and-true elements of divination, so he is on solid ground, even if these are presented as 'merely' fun. Damn, I wish I'd thought of it!
~~ Ron Martin


Every Picture Tells A Story

In this 42-page e-book Fred explains his full easy-to-use yet deceptively powerful system AND includes three complete scripts that illustrate how to use it for maximum impact. 

In addition, he saves you the trouble of going out and buying bags of candy by providing you with beautiful color photographs of the candy he uses and sample reading layouts. These photographs not only illustrate how the system works, but allow you to start practicing it right away in the privacy of your home. 

As if this weren't enough, Fred also lays out how to extend the reading when the situation calls for it, what to do if the client can't think of a suitable question, how to transform the reading from answering a single question into a pure psychological reading, how to use the system for two-person readings, and a list of resources you can use if you want to delve even deeper into this unique method of divination.

Here's a partial listing of the contents of "The Sweet Psychic"...
• Foreword by Richard Busch
• Candy Readings: The Presentation
• History of the Yes/No Process: Divination with Stones
• The Introduction
• The Question
• The Candy Choices
• The Toss
• The Reading
• Two Examples
• Extensions
• Throwing Onto a Grid
• Candies with a Front and Back
• Advanced Section
• No Question
• 2 Person Reading – Versions 1 and 2
• APPENDIX A: Resources
• APPENDIX B: Additional Resources
• APPENDIX C: Candies
• APPENDIX D: Examples
• APPENDIX E: Advanced Examples (Grid)


"WOW! NEW IDEA! CLEVER! FUN! 'The Sweet Psychic' is an easy read, complete in effect with good ideas that are well explained. The first paragraph makes you want to read it and try it, just like a good food writer can almost make you taste the outcome of a new receipe. You have given a method and taken away the fear. It sure seems like a fun read, and you are correct in making it a 'treat' to present."
~~ David Dowds


With Fred's clear instructions and the 48 sample layouts, you'll be able to hone your mastery of "The Sweet Psychic" in no time at all, which means you can start amazing and entertaining your clients with this light-hearted yet effective system with confidence. 

Where Will The Sweet Psychic Be Welcome?

Although I'm sure you'll think of lots of venues to perform this in, it will play perfectly in ...


• Halloween Parties

• Valentines Day Parties

• Ladies Night Parties

• Corporate Events

• Psychic Fairs

• Bridal and Baby Showers


When you think about it, "The Sweet Psychic" will work well in any situation where you want to keep things light and fun. Can you imagine how having this extremely commercial presentation can increase your bookings and add to your earnings potential?
"I'm generally not a big fan of "readings using [random objects]", but this one is clearly meant to be light and fun, and is remarkably easy to learn without memorizing a bunch of arbitrary 'characteristics'. Bottom line: a nice idea, cleverly done, and well-explained."
~~ Doug Dyment

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