Fraser Parker - A Reverse Mind Read PDF

Fraser Parker - A Reverse Mind Read PDF

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Fraser Parker - A Reverse Mind Read

Reverse Mind Read is how I would use such a combination of principles and I am proud to be associated with this work from one of my personal Students.

- Kenton Knepper

A deck of cards is spread before the eyes of a spectator. You then look into the eyes of the spectator and reveal in great detail the card they are thinking of - exactly how they imagine it in their minds.

As if this is NOT enough, you then have them turn over a card previously selected by themselves from the deck and this card matches perfectly their thought of card.

... apparent proof of your ability to influence the thoughts and actions of others.

NO Stooges. NO Billets. NO Peeks. NO writing anything down. NORMAL borrowed deck can be used.

This work is based on various principles already published by Kenton and friends and is a very clever combination of linguistics & classic conjuring methods to create the illusion of Mind Reading & Influence.