Francesco Tesei - Risk (MP4 Video Download)

Francesco Tesei - Risk (MP4 Video Download)

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Risk by Francesco Tesei and Inner Minds

The roulette theme is hugely popular andRISKis one of the best available. Every aspect makes sense, everything is logical and above all else the method is so simple, yet has fooled some of the top names.

What makesRISKso good is that everything is within your control, no magnets, electronics, equivoque or forcing of any kind, no envelopes, no cards, nothing. The staple guns are real, the staples are real, the reactions are real, but theRISKis not.

RISKis so direct in method that all you need to do is work on your presentation. Francesco even gives you his scripted routine that fooled Marc Spelmann so much so that it immediately became part of his act.

Even if you are a close up performer,RISKis that type of effect that packs small but plays BIG and is the ideal effect to show that special booker or client at the end of an event. Francesco has performedRISKon television and in theatres for thousands of astonished people around the world for the last 5 years.

"You simply cannot go wrong withRISK, it is beautiful in its directness, method and impact, I had no idea."
- Peter Nardi- Alakazam Magic / Inner Mind Productions

Running TimeApproximately: 1hr 38min