FANtasy by Po Cheng Lai (2012 men's Fan version) (Video Download)

FANtasy by Po Cheng Lai (2012 men's Fan version) (Video Download)

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FANtasy by Po Cheng Lai

This DVD contains a variety of fan magic techniques. In addition, Po-Cheng provides a sample routine to explain every detail that you will have to know. Every effect is broken down step by step for a delightful learning experience.

From beginner to professional, this DVD contains material for everyone. It is simple a must-have.


Sample Routine
Fan Spin
Basic Fan Production
Double Fan Production
Split Fan Production
Fan to Silk
Fan Color Change
Two-Handed Fan Production
Triple Fan Production
Fan to Confetti

There are two additional bonus features:
Quick two fans production. (by Kun-Yi Lin)
Fan Spin Production

FANtast by Po-Cheng Lai