Eclipse by Dave Loosley (Instant Download)

Eclipse by Dave Loosley (Instant Download)

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This trick DESTROYS magicians.

Here's why:

1. A card is chosen from a BLUE pack AND SIGNED.
2. From your back pocket you pull out a RED prediction card with the words "MY PREDICTION" on it.
3. Even though it's clearly a different card, it's GOT THEIR SIGNATURE ON IT, and has the same value and is COMPLETELY EXAMINABLE!!!!!!

It's one of those time-travel-loophole thingies that gives you a headache if you think about it too long, which is exactly why nobody figures this one out.

PROFESSIONALS: Dave Loosely showed this to us and we were floored. Every magician we've shown has loved the method, and it's by far Dave's favorite utility gimmick. Literally unlimited tricks can be created with this concept. It works with almost any deck, and comes complete with MULTIPLE tricks.