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This is an extremely clever gimmick which you can construct in a matter of minutes. You will probably have to make a quick trip to your office supply store, but it will be worth it. This is probably one of the most clever duplication principle.

The method is direct and simple to master. Because of that, you can dedicate your efforts into the presentation. What's more, once you've constructed the gimmick, you can perform at a moment's notice.

That said, make sure you practice the minimal moves necessary so that everything seems natural.

Finally, Jose, smile a little, brother! So Serious. ;)

Very nice! Much simpler and more practical than similar methods out there. I will almost certainly be using this.

This is a very nice and as stated before ORGANIC method. 5 minutes, less than $5 in materials and you are off to the races! The gimmick is super easy to construct and well worth the effort, easily replaced and should last a very long time with care. The reset is almost immediate and when you are done you can be totally clean. Congrats Jose on a very nice combination of tools to get a solid and deceptive effect!

This is good...very good. I am going to make the gimmick over the weekend and after practicing with it a bit, blow some people away. As to practice, you DO practice everything you get and learn, correct? Anyway, this isn't difficult, but everything requires practice. You can really blow people away with this.''

Very simple, direct and organic... This could be done in your birthday suit,with nothing more than a marker and one business card and you never peek the card. Got some ideas brewing on this one for double divinations, but for one assistant, nothing more than a good presentation (whatever style that may be) is needed with the basic handling, for a quick powerful effect.