Dominic Ferri - Obsidian (PDF Download)

Dominic Ferri - Obsidian (PDF Download)

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Obsidian by Dominic Ferri
(Instant Download) A billetless way to divine the name someone is thinking of
Imagine, walking up to anyone any place anytime and having the ability to reveal a name that someone is thinking of. There are no billets, no peeks. The name only exists within the participants mind, and you divine it. I will teach you not only to reveal this name, but how to reveal characteristics and traits about this thought of person. To top it off, you end with the revealing of the name.
I have put so much thought into how I was going to achieve it. With weeks of figuring it out, I'm proud to say that I have made my dreams come true.

This technique is suited for stage as well as close-up performance. This is a killer routine that can be your opener to any routine that you have. You'll never leave home without the knowledge to do this. I really do hope you enjoy this as much as I do. This is Obsidian