Diogo Viana - B.E.C.A.A.N (MP4 Video Download)

Diogo Viana - B.E.C.A.A.N (MP4 Video Download)

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B.E.C.A.A.N By Diogo Viana
B.E.C.A.A.N stands for Best Easy Card At Any Number.

This is a CAAN where the spectators name ANY number, and the card at that number is your prediction!

-> Free choice of number (1-50)
-> NO Moves
-> Hands-off (spectator can remove the cards from the case)
-> Only ONE prediction
-> Spectator deal always from the top of the deck
-> Spectator deal the cards FACE UP (if you want to use it as an open prediction the cards must be dealt face down)
-> No cuts of any kind
-> No Memory work
-> 1st grade Math involved :) (if you can count how many fingers you have on your hands you can do this trick)

Part of the performance was cut because if you watch it one second time maybe you could see part of the method. 

Hope you like it guys.