Deception by Vinny Sagoo (MP4 Video Download)

Deception by Vinny Sagoo (MP4 Video Download)

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Vinny Sagoo - Deception
TRUTH or LIE, the cards will reveal all!
You play the role of a Detective, who is investigating a murder at the Grand Manor.
You show eight cards with two potential culprits, two murder weapons and four different rooms. The spectator MENTALLY selects one card with a Culprit, Weapon and Room.
After the initial interrogations, the spectator is now allowed to LIE or tell the TRUTH.
No matter what they say, the cards reveal the person who committed the Murder, what Weapon was used and in what Room.
At the end, you turn over the final card and it is the ONE that the spectator is mentally thinking of!
A great murder mystery type effect that will leave your audience completely puzzled!
Easy to do
No sleights
USPCC cards
Fully examinable.