David Sousa - Rehearsing 2006 (Video Download)

David Sousa - Rehearsing 2006 (Video Download)

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David Sousa - Rehearsing 2006

Rehearsing with David Sousa" The Magic beyond the tricks.The secrets which will make your magic remain in spectator's minds.David selected some of the most useful stage concepts he learned along his journey in Magic and approaches it by playing the role of a stage director. On this DVD you won't recognize David as a performer [unless you pay too much attention].The secrets on this DVD were very much worth for David Sousa himself. He always carries in his mind theses important concepts which he uses every time he creates something new or even when he's helping on rehearsals?? of course.This is not a trick demonstration DVD but something that will enhance your magic effects by the way you'll adapt it to your own magic.