Daniel Madison - Thoughts Of A Madman

Daniel Madison - Thoughts Of A Madman

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Daniel Madison & Randall Freeman - Thoughts Of A Madman



-DanielMadison- A force / A 4-card-revelation.

COLT45-DanielMadison- Sandwich routine which begins with 4 aces vanishing one by one.

TOKYO SMILE-DanielMadison+ Randall Freeman - A powerful method for changing four of a kind to another four of a kind. All in one hand.

THROUGH PASS- Randall Freeman - A method for controlling a card to either the top or bottom of the deck.

BACK DROP- Randall Freeman - A multiple shift variation.

SPINAL CUT- Randall Freeman - Cut to a selected card from a shuffled deck.

THE FINAL CUT- Randall Freeman - A mentalists approach to having a spectator freely chose their own card from a selection of four piles.

THE FOUR FACES OF JOSEPH KING- Randall Freeman - This is an idea that displays four jokers that instantly become four Kings.

BASIC-DanielMadison- This is a sandwich effect that happens all in one hand.

SERAPHAN-DanielMadison- A very clean one-handed-cut of a fanned deck.

A BOX FOR 51- Randall Freeman - A method for vanishing a card that appears face up in a boxed face down deck.

RE-SANDWICH-DanielMadison- AKA Cameo 3.