Dan Harlan - tarbell 13 Card Sleights

Dan Harlan - tarbell 13 Card Sleights

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Dan Harlan - Tarbell 13 Card Sleights

Now, we come to one of the most valuable lessons for anyone interested in performing great magic with a deck of cards.

These Card Sleights are the foundation of so many effects that it s our opinion this lesson "should have preceded all of the chapters of card tricks.

But here it is at last to provide you with information which is essential to performing well with cards. Controls, shuffles, cuts, forces, and, more.

After you've learned these sleights, we encourage you to revisit the card tricks you've already viewed and try them again with your new knowledge.

You'll learn the classic pass and how Dan approaches both its execution in a working environment and its practice in private.

Dan will show you many ways to apparently shuffle a deck while maintaining its order and how a card can be controlled while you actually shuffle and cut.

You'll learn multiple false cuts and a bunch of ways to force a card with ease and (as always) Dan will tell you which he prefers and why.

There's even a classic bar-bet-style trick buried in this section that is guaranteed to fool anyone who's never seen it.

As Dan teaches you these important Card Sleights, follow along closely, take the time to try each one, and decide for yourself what works for you.

Techniques Taught:
- The Pass
- The Modern Pass
How to Use the Pass -
- The Side Steal Pass
The GW Hunter False Shuffle -
- The Wiggle-Woggle Shuffle
- The Riffle False Shuffle
- Overhand Shuffle Control
Cards with a Riffle Shuffle - Controlling
- "Pack in Hands" False Cut
The Three Way Table Cut -
- Another Three-Cut Variation
- The Four-Way Cut
- Another Four-Way Cut
- Dan's Four Way Cut
- "Top" Card Control Fan Cut
- The Slip Cut Control
- The Force
- The Forcing Deck
- Double Force with Knife
- The Mathematical Force
- Forcing Bottom Card
- Force Behind Performer s Back "
- The Circus Trick
- The Riffle Force
Riffle Force with Unprepared Cards -
Forcing One of Four - Cards on Table
- Slip of Paper Force