Confab-shoe-lation by Richard Bellars

Confab-shoe-lation by Richard Bellars

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Confab-shoe-lation by Richard Bellars

This is the effect that fooled Penn & Teller..

Please note construction is required and you will need to gimmick your shoe to perform Confab-Shoe-Lation

Richard has taken the confabulation plot to new heights of impossibility with their shoe reveal!

Richard has been performing Confab-Shoe-Lation in his stand-up act for well over a year and then decided it would be the ideal effect to fool Penn & Teller on national TV.


Imagine your spectators can name any 3 items and you have predicted them correctly in a note that you have kept safe in your shoe from the beginning of the show.

On this DVD Richard Bellars and Tom Swift (who is the co-creator of the effect) take you step by step through every aspect of the effect, including how to create the gimmick with your own shoe.

Vegas Vacation

This is the routine Richard Bellars and Peter Nardi devised for Richard?s corporate shows. It?s a great 3 phase routine using an imaginary trip to Vegas as the premise. After your spectators have played 3 popular casino games you reveal your prediction from your shoe. The prediction takes the form of a bill with all the scores written on the back.


Question:I would like to order but before I want to make sure that there are no stooges in the effect and everything is self working.

I have my prediction effect that i do and everything is self working because I'm a one man hypno act and dont beleive in stooges If you tell me that it could be done all alone i will puchase

have a nice day


Answer:Defiantly no stooges. This is not self working but can be done without assistance

Question:hi. How difficult is the construction to m ake and what is the cost and again how difficult is it to gimmick the shoe and agin what what the cost be (approx)

Answer:Cost would be dependent on the shoes used. Richard had his adapted by a cobbler for a small cost


When you right "this can be performed with out an assistant" that means no one is assisting to write the prediction and its the permormer that is doing eveything writing folding and placing the prediction in real time ?


Answer:Yes that is what we mean the method for doing this is on the dvd

Question:Can this effect be done whilst wearing a trainer/sports shoe?
Answer:Not currently But Richard is working on the method which would be almost the same just made differently

Question:Hi there,
Just two questions
When will it be in stock and sent if I pre-order?
Also, when you say you have to gimmick a shoe( without giving stuff away of course) do you ' ruin ' your shoe? I mean can you still use it day today as a 'shoe'?
Also can you use it tablehoping/ walkaround, I mean are angles an issue?
Opps sorry that's more than a couple of questions

Answer:Cost would be dependent on the shoes used. Richard had his adapted by a cobbler for a small cost
No it could be worn for performance but i would not recomend wearing it to walk around in

Question:after the construction with the shoe, can it still be worn as an everyday shoe?
Answer:No it could be worn for performance but i would not recomend wearing it to walk around in

Question:Hi i just buy the confabshoe lation now and i would like to know if i need a another person (comparse) to write down the instruction or if i can do the trick myself ? Thanks
Answer:This can be performed without an assistant

Question:Hi there, i want to buy this product, what's include on the package? only the dvd or with the gimmick? Thank you
Answer:you will be supplied with a dvd and gimmicks to make the required prop

I just wanted to ask what size of paper is the prediction limited to?

Answer:It needs to be a sensible size that will fit into the shoe

Question:Does the full routine that was on Penn and teller explained

Question:Hello guys :)
Is it possible to do a signed card in shoe with this gimmick?

Answer:yes it would be possible


How hard is this trick to perform sleight of hand wise. Can a beginner do this trick?

Answer:The trick like most tricks is not difficult to do but will require some performance skill

Question:Hi there!

Is this a one man trick? Or is an assistant needed?



Hannes Kohrhammer

Answer:This can be performed without an assistant

Question:Without going into any exposure - would I have the requirement of an assistant - or can this be performed as with the original Confabulation as a one man (or woman!) act?



Answer:This can be performed without an assistant