Close Call by Rick Lax (Instant Download)

Close Call by Rick Lax (Instant Download)

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Close Call by Rick Lax (Instant Download)

You’re at a party. You’re at work. You’re at school. Wherever.

Somebody says, “Do a trick.”

And you’ve got NOTHING on you. ZERO.

So what do you do?


It’s a lot of pressure, right? But it happens. When people know that you do magic, they’re going to want to see a trick. And they don’t realize that you need cards or gimmicked coins to make the trick happen.

Well, now you don’t. CLOSE CALL is a mindreading miracle that you can PERFORM AT A MOMENT’S NOTICE. Just grab a pen and a piece of paper—THAT’S IT. That’s all you need to ASTONISH a group of friends and prove to them that you’re a MASTER—a magician who can make mental miracles happen AT ANY TIME.

And Close Call is more than just a ‘trick’—it’s a FULL ROUTINE with bits of humor, bits of failure—well, one bit LOOKS like a failure AT FIRST—and then, ultimately, A SHOCKING PREDICTION…THAT’S OUT OF YOUR HANDS THE WHOLE TIME. No forces, no funny moves, works every time.


Close Call is based on an ingenious principle I learned in the middle of Mark Elsdon’s 4.5-hour Penguin Live Lecture, which you can check outHERE

The lecture was PACKED with incredible, practical material. But there was the ONE QUICK MOMENT that made the whole audience do a DOUBLE-TAKE. It was a quick, clever idea, that’s used here, with Mark’s permission. I developed this quick moment into a full trick and full routine—one that fully disguises Mark’s core method. But I should say, if you buy Close Call and love it as much as I do, you should take a serious look at Mark’s whole lecture, which is chockfull of gems like this.

Special Thanks to: Mark Elsdon, Jake Roeber, Bizzaro, Nick Diffatte, Ryan & AmberLynn, Greg Dow and Justin Flom.

-Rick Lax