Chris Piercy - One Step Further

Chris Piercy - One Step Further

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Chris Piercy - One Step Further


Chris Piercy - Creator of Pierced - Signed Card in Balloon brings us his latest card magic trick: One Step Further.

One Step Further is a fully road tested professional card magic trick that is guaranteed to please.

This card magic trick begins small... You change a random playing card into the spectator's selection. Not being content with that you proceed to take the magic trick One Step Further..

You take the previously shuffled deck of playing cards that are mixed face up, and you use your skills in 'time travel' to turn all the cards face down again, miracle number 2!

Still not content with the outcome of this card magic trick, you decide to take it One Step Further AGAIN and reformat the deck so that it is once again back in its new deck order, Ace through King!

One Step Further has been extensively audience tested in all sorts of different environments such as bars, restaurants, weddings. Chris has also tested this routine in every one of his sets at the famous Illusions Magic Bar in Bristol.