Chris Brown - 3 Ninjas

Chris Brown - 3 Ninjas

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hris Brown - 3 Ninjas

Teaches 3 moves that are entirely invisible much like ninjas themselves. Each move allows you to control the selected card in a way that is disguised to look like a normal move. These 3 Ninjas come in three different difficulty levels. The Warp Principle is good for all card enthusiasts and is extremely easy yet wonderfully effective. The Splinter control is a bit harder at the intermediate level. It will take you a bit longer to get down than the Warp Principle. The third move is an addition to the “Fan-antic control” by Jon Racherbaumer and Gene Maze found in the Card Finesse Volume 1. This one is the hardest of the three but when done correctly you’ll even fool your fellow card enthusiasts. The first time I showed the Fan-antic cop to my mentor John Bodine about 5 years back, it fooled him. It was at this moment when I knew I was onto something with this move. Over the years I’ve brushed it up and turned it into what it is today. The Warp principle is an idea I came up with about 3 years ago but I’m sure many others have stumbled upon this as well. Its so subtle that it can hardly be classified as a move at all which is why I call it a principle instead because it can be used in a few different ways that I discuss in the instructional. Along with this in the instructional I also go over my favorite top stock retaining cut that looks ridiculously natural that I use every day when performing. The Splinter control is probably something a lot of people may have stumbled upon but I believe I have a pretty natural and 100% effective method. I use all of these moves on a regular basis and they have gotten me out of many situations. I gladly hand these 3 Ninjas over to you. Welcome to Episode lX. Technique awaits you.