Bob Hummer and Rafael Fontao - MRD THE "IMPROVED" MIND READER'S DREAM

Bob Hummer and Rafael Fontao - MRD THE "IMPROVED" MIND READER'S DREAM

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MRD (Mind Reader's Dream) by Bob Hummer & Rafael Fontao (PDF Download)

The Improved Mind Reader's DreamByBob Hummer and Rafael Fontao

New improved chart and handling!

During the early 1950s, Bob Hummer released his own "Think a Card" solution, called "The Mind Reader's Dream." Here was the effect: The magician dealt the cards from a borrowed, shuffled pack and a spectator was asked to merely think of any card he saw. The magician then handed him the pack and turned his back. The spectator was then asked to give the deck a few cuts, before following a few simple, seemingly meaningless, dealing procedures as directed by the magician. When complete, the magician turned back around, briefly scanned the deck, and after consulting a small "Dream Book," revealed the mentally selected card. In this new updated edition from, we've eliminated the suspicious book and everything you need now fits on one small slip of paper (thanks to a breakthrough by Professor Rafael Fontao). This slip can be concealed in the palm of your hand, or affixed to a cardbox, cigarette pack, business card, or small notepad! Consider these points: The effect works with any deck, even one that's borrowed and freely shuffled beforehand. There's absolutely no set-up, sleight of hand, or complex memorization, and the only time you touch the deck is at the beginning and the end of the effect. We provide Bob Hummer's original instructions with new handling tips, an overview of the handling (you can use as practice steps), new ready-to-print artwork and more - everything you need to perform this self-working Hummer miracle! 11 pages.