Bankrupt by Brad Addams (Video Download)

Bankrupt by Brad Addams (Video Download)

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Bankrupt by Brad Addams

MP4 video download

It’s time to clean out your wallet. 

Bankrupt is a modern diminishing deck that fits in your pocket, and goes where you go. Created by Brad Addams, this easy to make vanishing effect comes stacked with multiple routines that can be done with any cards (Credit, Debit, ID, Honorary Power Ranger Card - I still have it, do you?). 
Imagine showing all the cards that clutter your wallet, and with the flip of the stack all but the essentials disappear.

What you get: 
• Printable gimmick 
• Multiple Routines 
• As organic as it gets 

Addams takes you through building the gimmick, proper handling and all routines with superb tuition, having you up and running in no time. 

This killer trick comes with you anywhere you go, and is always ready when someone asks to see some magic. 

Learn the secret now.