Antony Gerard - Magic Behind Bars PDF

Antony Gerard - Magic Behind Bars PDF

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2. Index
5. History and Antony Gerard biography.
8. Antony Gerard‘s "The Square Shift"
10. The Square-Shift Fan-Palm
10. Shuffling Down A Different Sidewalk (HISTORY)
11. Reverse Spread
12. Flushtration Count
12. A Fancy Finger-Flicking Flushtration Count
13. Double-Lift
13. Pivot Double-Lift
14. Riffle-Break Force
14. Riffle-Break Force Variation
15. Impromptu Card Stand
16. Shuffling Down a Different Sidewalk (PATTER)
18. No-Fold Card Warp
19. Second Variation of No-Fold Card Warp
19. A Couple of Additional No Fold Card Warp Ideas
19. Gambling Jackass
20. Breather Peek
21. Ger Copper Coin Holder Variation
21. Start to the Misers Miracle
22. Scotch and Soda and Two Cards