Andreu - Astral Enigma

Andreu - Astral Enigma

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The mentalist selects any female spectator randomly.

He mentions the concept of destiny and how all the decisions we take on our lives are very relevant, as they affect the world around us.

Next, the mindreader proposes an amazing experiment - of numerology - which relates to fate itself.

The participant is asked to make several random choices in her mind. Then, she’s asked to mix several of these thoughts with their - or someone else’s - birth of date.

Even though the spectator has entire control along this mental process, the mentalist is able to give them a very accurate reading about themselves... finally revealing their exact date of birth!

- Allows you to reveal any date with no use of preshow, dual reality, stooging or anagrams.

- Very simple to do: your spectator only needs a Smartphone. No props, cards or gimmicks are used.

- The spectator gets to keep your business card for the end of the effect - as the perfect souvenir.

- Ideal to perform on any venue: parlour, close up, stage or even over the phone.

- No forces - the spectator handles all the process: it happens in their minds!

- Easy to learn and practice.