All Hands On Deck by Aldo Colombini

All Hands On Deck by Aldo Colombini

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Aldo Colombini - All Hands On Deck

The latest DVD on commercial card magic. All practical effects which you will use.

COLOR CHANGE AGAIN (John Yeager): A color changing deck routine involving two selected cards. 
MATCHED PICTURE CARDS (Nick Trost): The picture cards are shuffled and magically they match up in pairs. 
DOORSTEP ACES (Paul Gordon): The four Aces find three selected cards. 
REPROCESSED ELIMINATION (J.K. Hartman): A selected card appears in an unexpected way. Very strong effect. 
RANDOM THOT (Karl Fulves): An impossible selected card revelation that will fool you too! 
JACKS IN THE BOX (Aldo Colombini): Red and black cards alternate and then Jacks in the Box appear. 
FUTURA (Aldo Colombini): An easy way to perform the classic “Between The Palms” trick. 
FOLLOW THE LEADER (George Sands): The name says it. A great routine using four red and four black cards. 
A LOWER DEEP (Ryan Matney): Just four cards, but a lot of magic in three phases. 
DAZED (Peter Duffie): The most amazing version of the “Wild Card” in years! 
Running Time Approximately 40min