Alexandre - Astragalomancy

Alexandre - Astragalomancy

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Astragalomancy is a sexy, fun, fast, and easy dice reading system you’ll learn literally overnight! And it even includes a NO DICE variation!

Originally published in 2005 and taken off the market a couple of years later, this revised and updated manuscript will have you doing readings in no time flat!

* For every skill level!
* Designed for quick readings
* The easy to learn system – literally overnight! * Easy To Follow Sample Readings!
* Read one on one!
* Read couples!
* Tick sheet included!
* A NO DICE variation!
* All you Will ever need to carry is two dice!
* The timeless language of numbers
* Additional tips and suggestions!
* And more!

The ability to provide readings with nothing more than a pair of dice (and sometimes no dice at all) is one that every performer should master. It’s truly impromptu! With the information in this eBook you could wake up in a strange city with nothing but a pair of dice and make a few extra bucks, or at the very least have fun and make a few new friends!

Give it a go!

“Your performance was amazing and your after-dinner dice readings were a blast! I think everyone managed to get one! Thank you so much!”– Carla B. (Producer - Discovery Communications)X