Alexander Marsh - Three Envelope Test

Alexander Marsh - Three Envelope Test

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Alexander Marsh - Three Envelope Test


This is my take on a classic of mentalism which has become a staple of my stage act. I have taken the standard three envelope test and turned it into a powerfull mini-Q&A.

The basic effect is this; three envelopes containing 'question cards' are handed out to three spectators in the audience who remain in their seats throughout the routine. They fill in their cards, seal them in the envelopes and write their own name on the front of their envelope.

The sealed envelopes are given to the performer on stage; he then reads aloud the name from one envelope and proceeds to reveal the word being thought of by this spectator.

He then chooses one of the two remaining envelopes, reads the name from it and proceeds to deduce that this spectator is thinking of specific country. He not only reveals the country but also a place the spectator has recently visited.

The final participant is thinking of their first kiss. The performer describes aspects of the memory of the first kiss, reveals the name and, as an extra kicker, the exact age the spectator was when they had their first kiss!

This routine is very near and dear to me and is still an absolute staple of my act. I know we read that a lot in our field but I can honestly say, with hand on heart, that I am still performing this, will continue to perform it and love it dearly, hence it being limited to just 50 copies.

So what do you get for your money? The book itslef is an 66 page, A5 sized paperback that details the presentation and methods behind the routine plus all the subtleties and nuances that really make this routine special.

Also included in the manuscript are some Further Thoughts on Q&A, presentational and plot ideas for the three envelope test plus a bonus routine entitled ‘No Envelope Test’ for casual environments.

Bob Cassidy said:
" found it to be considerably different than my version(s) of 4DT. Of course I'm partial to my approach, but I have to say that Alex has made a very valuable contribution and I like his thinking very much. I also thank him for the credit given in his manuscript."

Greg Arce said:
"I read it. Very, very nice thinking!You have a brilliant routine with a lot of subtleties, touches and nuances. Great ideas for the other presentations you included. It's definitely a worker's piece and well worth the money. Congratulations!!!!"

An excerpt from the foreword written by Jerome Finely:

"What you’re about to read is a worker’s material; plain and simple.
Alex is one of mentalism’s rising stars for a reason; he doesn’t think like most others in our field think.

Over the years we’ve been blessed with several variations on the classic “Three Envelope Test” and a multitude of incarnations. Some of them have been great (ahem!) and some of them… well, not so much.

Without a doubt, Marsh’s take on the classic “Three Envelope Test” is easily one of the greatest I’ve seen in the last 10 or 15 years and one idea in particular was worth the price of admission, plus some."