Aldo Colombini - Impromptu Card Magic(1-6) (Download)

Aldo Colombini - Impromptu Card Magic(1-6) (Download)

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Aldo Colombini - Impromptu Card Magic(1-6)

Card magic you can do anytime, anywhere, at a moment's notice. All you need is any deck of cards and you're ready to perform high-impact routines.

Impromptu Card Magic includes fifteen easy to learn, easy to perform routines. No gimmicks, no setups, no difficult sleight of hand. This is amazing card magic with maximum effect, even though many of the routines are so easy they could be considered self-working.

Don't let the simplicity of methods give you the wrong impression. The routines taught are professional caliber and can easily entertain and fool the most knowledgeable audiences.

Vol.1 Routines performed and explained:

Quick & Direct (Harry Lorayne):A selected card is found by the process of elimination.
Trost And Us (Mike Rogers):A demonstration of a human scale has you cut the exact amount of cards that a spectator has randomly cut.
Family Reunion (Aldo Colombini):The Jacks, Queens and Kings are shuffled and cut. A spectator selects one of the cards and its mate is found by a process of elimination. As a surprise ending all of the cards have now found their mates.
The Nervous Ace (Tom Daugherty):A freely selected card is named as the spectator miscalls it while going through the deck.
The Great Thirstin (Marty Kane):A card found from a spectator's packet matches your prediction.
A Lucky Card (Richard Vollmer):The four Aces are lost in the deck by a spectator and are found by spelling to them, with the last Ace being found using your Lucky Card.
More Lies (Robert E. Neale):A spectator thinks of a King or a Queen. Their card is found using a lie detector theme that always corrects their lies and finds their selection.
Duck And Deal (Aldo Colombini): The total of a spectator's two selections is used to determine the size of a packet that finds a previously selected card.
Twinkey (J.K. Hartman):You find two selected cards under seemingly impossible conditions.
Count On Them (Aldo Colombini):Four cards disappear, one at a time, from a packet of five. The remaining card is the selection.
Dancing (Aldo Colombini):A selected card is found by spelling the name of the spectator who chose it.
Vintage (Aldo Colombini):Three cards are used as indicators to find the selection. One of the indicators, which surprisingly was the selection, vanishes and appears face up in the middle of the deck.
Aria (Aldo Colombini):Four Aces are each covered by three cards. The packets and Aces are now lost in the deck. The fourth packet with the previously named Ace is magically shown to contain all four aces.
Backfire (Aldo Colombini):The four Kings are lost in the deck. The deck is shuffled face up and face down. A spectator takes an indifferent card and uses it as a magic wand by waving it over the deck. Magically the entire deck is now facing the same way except for three Kings. The indifferent card, which has remained in the spectator's hand, magically turns into the fourth King.
Sarabanda (Aldo Colombini):A spectator cuts the two Jacks, face-up, into the deck. When the deck is spread the two Jacks are found next to the two previously selected cards.

Produced by Meir Yedid Magic. Original release date: August 2005. Running time: Approximately 85 minutes.

Vol.2 Routines performed and explained:

Small Talk (Richard Vollmer):The spectator thinks of a card at a selected number that is found in a surprising way.
Come Together (Jay Sankey & David Acer):Acting as the magician the spectator has two cards selected and lost in the deck. Without any interference from the magician the spectator magically locates both selections.
The Magic Lesson (Roy Walton):The four Aces are mixed into a small packet of cards. All the cards are now blindly eliminated leaving only the four aces in your hand.
4-5-6 (Al Thatcher):A selected card is lost in the deck and found while the spectator is dealing the cards.
Sloshed Or Sober (Paul Gordon):A selected card matches a prediction while the card used to locate the selection also finds its mate.
Jackula (Michael De Marco):The two Jacks hunt through a small packet of cards capturing the selected card.
The Cape Canaveral Trick (Paul Swinford):Counting through the deck in a rocket launch sequence a card is found which matches a prediction that was in full view.
Silent Fall (Aldo Colombini):A prediction card is placed on the table. A signed selection vanishes from between the four aces. When the prediction card is shown to be the signed selection.
Countdown Location (George McBride):A selected card appears at a selected number.
Divertimento (Aldo Colombini):The cards are shuffled face up and face down. When the cards are spread on the table all of them are facing the same way except for your magic card, which is surrounded by the two selections.
One For All (Aldo Colombini):A freely selected card completes the three prediction cards to make a four of a kind.
Back Up (Aldo Colombini):Two selections magically reverse themselves in the middle of the deck.
Elevon (Aldo Colombini):An elevator routine where the Ace, two and three of Spades rise from the middle of the deck to the top. As a surprise climax the cards are added to form a six of Spades while in the spectator's hand.
ESP Numbers (Aldo Colombini):One of ten cards is selected and mixed. It is found by spelling to a spectator's name. As the ten cards are dealt in pairs on the table their total in every case equals nine, which matches your prediction.
Maestoso (Aldo Colombini):A selected card vanishes from between the two Kings that were placed inside a cardcase.

Produced by Meir Yedid Magic. Original release date: August 2005. Running time: Approximately 80 minutes.

Vol.3 Routines performed and explained:

Topsy-Turvy Location (Stewart Judah):An impossible location where a selected card is placed back in the deck and the cards are shuffled face down and face up. You slide out one of the face down cards and it is the selection.
Dreamers Ball (Gavin Ross):The two red Aces capture a selected card.
Untouched (Daryl):The spectator has you select a card and then he arrives at one himself. The two match perfectly.
Surprise Poker (Aldo Colombini):Eight cards are used for a Poker demonstration where the spectators amazingly separate them into two Royal Flushes that are missing the Kings. The missing Kings are then found by cutting to them.
Comedy Spelling (Aldo Colombini):A selected card is found by spelling some funny phrases.
Two Selected Cards (Stewart Judah):Two selected cards are hopelessly lost and are then found in an impossible elimination process guided by a spectator.
Telemental (Bob King):An impossible card location and revelation that can be performed over the phone.
Money Power (Roy Walton):Ten pairs of cards are placed on the table. You and a spectator each place a coin on one of the pairs. The two selected packets are mated while all others do not match. Furthermore all four cards form a four-of-a-kind.
Another Aussie (Tom Craven):Spectators continue to eliminate cards from a small packet until only one card is left. The arrived at card matches your prediction that was in full view.
The Jamesway Connection (Peter Duffie & Robin Robertson):A multiphase routine where selected cards are continually mixed into a small packet but are found under sympathetic and impossible conditions.
Adagio (Aldo Colombini):The top cards of four packets give clues to the identity of a selected card. Unfortunately all the clues are wrong until the card is produced and its three mates are found face up in the combined packets.
Midnight (Aldo Colombini):The two black Kings jump from one half of the deck to another where they sandwich the selected card.
Switch-King (Aldo Colombini):The four Kings are used to find two selections. Amazingly and surprisingly two of the Kings capture two facedown cards that turn out to be the other two kings while the selections are found on the table where the Kings were supposed to be.
Moderato (Aldo Colombini):A spectator's card vanishes from the deck. After some magical byplay it is found by spelling its name.
Full Speed Ace (Aldo Colombini):The four Aces are used as aides to identify a selected card but surprisingly the final ace changes into the selection.

Produced by Meir Yedid Magic. Original release date: August 2005. Running time: Approximately 90 minutes.

Vol.4 Routines performed and explained:

Vortex (Aldo Colombini):A selected card appears between two Kings and vanishes just as magically to be found face up in the middle of the deck.
Transcendent Transposition (Tom Dougherty):The Ace of Spades is placed face down between the two red Aces. The Ace magically changes into the selected card while appearing face down in the face up deck.
Action (Aldo Colombini):Two selected cards are found in an instant.
Magician (Peter Duffie):A spectator cuts the deck into three piles and eliminates two of them. The remaining pile is cut into three and each is handed to a spectator to shuffle and remember the bottom card. Each spectator then finds his own card by spelling and dealing.
Hunting Season (Aldo Colombini):Four cards are placed on the table face down and the spectator decides which is a mate to your selection. It of course matches but when the other three cards are revealed they are the three aces with the four Ace appearing between your mates.
Cheat Feat (Karl Fulves):Two spectators deal Poker hands and remember a card in them. You then shuffle the cards through each other separating the reds from the blacks and leaving their cards the only odd cards in each packet.
Beyond Borders (Aldo Colombini):Four Kings are shown and two cards are selected. Based on the spectator's choice two of the Kings are placed face up in the deck and two are placed face down on the table. Amazingly when the deck is spread two cards appear between the kings ?they are the other two kings while the two selections are now on the table where the kings were moments ago.
Pop-Hoff! (Ryan Matney):Four Aces are placed on the table and a card is selected. After everything is regrouped the Ace that corresponds with the selected card is produced and the selected card has taken its place in the deck.
Your Best (Aldo Colombini):A selected card matches three prediction cards that were in full view throughout.
Here We Go Again (Peter Duffie):The Kings and Queens are removed from the deck and are mixed by the spectators. You then spell "marry" to separate the cards into pairs that end up with the mates matching in suite.
Do As I Do (Rich Cowley):You and a spectator each get half a deck. You each remove one card and they match.
Strike A Match (Richard Vollmer):Two packets of thirteen cards are handed to two spectators and you announce your lucky card. The spectators deal the cards to find their lucky card. The two lucky cards are added to count down to your lucky card.
Lasting (Aldo Colombini):Sixteen cards are mixed and two of them are selected. You deal the remaining cards into three packets. The top three cards of those packets are mates to the first selection. Everything is gathered and when the cards are spread three cards are face up which match the second selection.
Importanten (Howard Adams):Eight cards are mixed by the spectators and are dealt in pairs on the table. You then introduce a ten and tap the four pairs. When they are turned over the pairs all equal ten when added.
Jet Black (Aldo Colombini):Two cards are produced and neither one is the selection but when they are added together they give the location of the selection.

A Meir Yedid Magic product. Original release date: July 2008. Running time: Approximately 80 minutes.

Vol.5 Routines performed and explained:

Simpl'Ace'Ty (Stephen Jones)

Parity Prediction (Reinhard M黮ler)

The Truth Shall Set You Free (Peter Duffie)

Sweet Sixteen (Michael De Marco)

Prophetic Numbers (Aldo Colombini)

World Class (J. K. Hartman)

Spell The Name (Aldo Colombini)

My Dear Holmes (Stephen Tucker)

Prime Cut (Aldo Colombini)
The Magic Shuffle (Peter Duffie)

Topsy-Turvy Twosome (Tom Daugherty)
Witchcraft (Andr?Robert)
Universal Speller (Max Maven)
Doorstep Aces (Paul Gordon)

Predict O扖lock (Aldo Colombini)

A Meir Yedid Magic product. Original release date: July 2008. Running time: Approximately 80 minutes.

Vol.6  Routines performed and explained:

Guatemala (Aldo Colombini)
Thirteen Down (Peter Duffie)
Acapulco (Aldo Colombini)
Pair Faced (J. K. Hartman)
Atlantis (Aldo Colombini)
Ambitious 1-2-3-4 (Roy Walton)
Toccata (Aldo Colombini)

Bottoming Out Today (Marty Kane)
Dual Zone (Aldo Colombini)
Central Reservation (Peter Duffie)
Persu-Ace-Ive (J. K. Hartman)
False Memory (Aldo Colombini)
Matched! (Robin Robertson)

Eight Bites Is Enough (Jack Avis)

Match Them Up (Karl Fulves)

A Meir Yedid Magic product. Original release date: July 2008. Running time: Approximately 70 minutes.