Alberto De Figueiredo Penguin Live Online Lecture

Alberto De Figueiredo Penguin Live Online Lecture

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Close-up and parlor perfection from one of Spain's most loved and seasoned professionals!

"Alberto was born with a gift, he can feel the essence of good and strong magic. Then he added love, passion and tons of professionalism. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing your passion and that gift of yours Alberto!"- Juan Tamariz

"I only recently discovered the work of Alberto de Figueiredo and became an instant fan. His ideas are brilliant, his style unique and his magic is amazing."-Shawn Farquhar

"Alberto’s magic has the signature of the true professional: he has a charismatic personality, clear effects, and effective methods. Surprising and fun magic!" -Roberto Giobbi

"I can only hope that one day my magic is half as good as Alberto’s! Essential material from one of Spain’s top professionals."-Woody Aragon

What will he teach?

Magician's Tools- The perfect start for a stage show.

Three Tests to Become a Magician- A rope routine in the hands of an spectator.

Signed Bill in the Lemon- Practice and commercial version.

An Invisible Twist- The invisible deck routine with a powerful climax.

Dice stacking routine- A very magical routine of dice stacking.

Back in Time- A multiple face card to wallet.

Instructions- A signed card travels to an incredible location.

Stop me- An impromptu version of Denis Berh “Stop it".

Cuffed- An escape with an impossible ending.

The Building- A wonderful closer in the spectator's hands.