5 A.M. (5 Amazing Miracles*) by Harapan Ong

5 A.M. (5 Amazing Miracles*) by Harapan Ong

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5 A.M. (5 Amazing Miracles*) by Harapan Ong

1 Introduction - Some guys have all the luck

An introduction to the notes.

2 King's Overture

An elegently designed addition to Phil Goldstein's "Overture".

5 Poker Player's Picnic Plus

The traditional "Poker Player's Picnic" taken to the next level with an additional production that befudles laymen and magicians alike.

8 Dude! you're not even trying!

A "Triumph Transposition" with a delightful presentation that demonstrates how easy it is to be distracted by technology in the modern times.

11 Sudden Surprise Sandwich (A trick I sent to Joshua Jay and he showed it to Simon Aronson and they both hated it)

A sandwich routine that is a true study in consistency of handling.

14 Countdown Packet

This is Harapan's original plot. The four fours are shown and one is removed. The three remianing cards are then changed into threes in order to match the number of cards left in the packet. This is repeated twice until the magician is only left with an ace. A true jem.

17 Finale - "Rules" of Creativity

A short essay on creativity in magic.