2017 Flying Bandinis by Joe Rindfleisch

2017 Flying Bandinis by Joe Rindfleisch

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Flying Bandinis by Joe Rindfleisch 

FOUR eye-popping rubber band tricks in one beautiful routine.

The Flying Bandinis combines four visual phases. Each phase is unique and impossible. 

Joe Rindfleisch is the master of rubber band magic. His work is unmatched and Flying Bandinis is a perfect example of how his crazy mind works. 

Here's what happens in this incredible routine.

Phase ONE: The bands change places. 

Phase TWO: A twist in one rubber band changes places with the other rubber band. 

Phase THREE: The twisted band jumps from one rubber band to the next. 

Phase FOUR: A third band is introduced and wrapped around one of the bands on your fingers, and it impossibly travels up and down the bands like an acrobat.

On this download you will get expert teaching from the master himself. Joe will make sure you are performing this effect like he does.