Jerome Finley - Guerilla Q&A part 2

Jerome Finley - Guerilla Q&A part 2

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Jerome Finley - Guerilla Q&A 2.pdf
Five years ago now I released an exceedingly potent collection of my pet Q&A
methods and gallery reading presentations in a book which many hailed as an
instant classic and must-have resource involving the field and genre, ???Guerrilla
Wherein the original ???Guerrilla Q&A??? served to provide a solid foundation,
stable, effective framework and helped a time honored tradition of long time
professionals, passionate students and astute hobbyists to scratch the surface of the
NEW GENERATION of question answering acts, private readings and public
gallery demonstrations, ???Guerrilla Q&A Part II: The Second Coming??? aims at
plunging the depths even further and unearthing that ancient, mountainous iceberg
hidden just beneath the former??s surface and shallows.
Over the last decade my own working repertoire, methods and ???personal-use
material??? has undergone innumerable revisions and full blown transformations
during this relatively short interim.
Recent months and closer years to us now revealed an exceedingly powerful and
focused approach which denounced every recognizable thing in my life??s work and
personal, private, ???pet material??? prior and reverted back instead to a repertoire
which consisted of nothing more than high end private psychic readings, public
gallery readings (Q&A), stage & street-styled hypnosis and demonstrations of
contact mind reading.
Using only the above mentioned modalities (readings, Q&A, hypnosis and CMR) I
could easily perform anywhere in the world using NO PROPS, NO GIMMICKS,
Using only my skills as a psychic reader, hypnotist and contact mind reading artist
I was now empowered to perform in any area, environment, event, venue or stage
setting, for any time allotment, and this, for any number of people ranging from 1-
1,000 (including performances given over the internet, radio and/or television)
using the very same tools and material with startling success.
The highest role I??ve ever played and deepest calling that I??ve ever responded to in
my lifetime has been that of a traditional healer and intuitive helper. My
instruments, tools, methods and material of choice now have evolved even more to
the point of ONLY/JUST Q&A and personal psychic readings.
All of my chosen hypnosis material and associated techniques which I utilize these
days are 100% covert (often disguised as meditation and/or ???energy work???) and all
of my CMR has become strictly *hands off* non-contact mind reading.
Why have I done this?
The reasons are many and some of them are very personal, though a few of the
more spectacular and immediate ones are simply that the subject of Q&A (and/or
???private readings??? employing many of the same tools, techniques and approaches)
both alone and in general is incredibly vast regardless of whether we??re
considering traditional or contemporary resources relative to this particular genre
of mentalism and psychic entertainment strictly by themselves, and doubly so
when pouring through BOTH eras and bodies of knowledge simultaneously.
To make matters even more dynamic??developing, utilizing, fine tuning, re-
implementing, streamlining, polishing, cutting up, tearing apart, dissecting,
transfiguring and making as close to ??100% EFFECTIVE?? as humanely possible a
totally reliable, one-man, PROPLESS, NO PREPARATION (!) QUESTIONS
& ANSWERS ACT is the highest goal, vision and standard that I can personally
conceive and achieve for all of mentalism (one single act that utilizes no gimmicks
and which nearly *none* of the Q&A methods used prior by 99% of mentalists
who have now, do now or will ever perform); a single demonstration capable of
such immense power and constantly growing beauty mixed evenly with seemingly
insane levels of complexity and served alongside one??s own true feelings of gut
instinct, natural knowing, intuition and past lessons regarding human connectivity
that we will ever know.
Half a decade later it??s still an honor and a blessing for me to release the latest
tools, methods, techniques, developments, presentations and logico-intuitive,
psycho-spiritual systems shared within this book.
To make a long story short, I??ve all but given up magic, mentalism, overt displays
of hypnosis and all other forms of psychic entertainment in order to dedicate
myself deeply and completely to the subject and exhibition of private psychic
readings and platform/stage/gallery-type exhibitions of the legendary Q&A act
which is all I currently want or need to do.
What follows is high powered material suited to an equally high powered
performer and spectacular performance. The ability to walk out on stage
unprepared and perform a full Q&A act such as the one taught in this book should
be the highest goal of every elite performer in the world today.
In my personal opinion and experience, there??s nothing out there that can possibly
beat it.
Go well,