Jerome Finley - Finder Keypers

Jerome Finley - Finder Keypers

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Jerome Finley - Finder Keypers


This modest e-instruction manual includes my latest research, trials, errors

and breakthroughs with Craig Filicetti’s new ‘Finders Keypers.’ Even during
the alpha testing phase the ‘Finders Keypers’ has been an absolute joy and
a pleasure to work with. From the real look, feel and weight of the keyfob to
the custom electronic workings, fool-proof method and incredible reactions
obtained through its proper use, I know the Promystic ‘Finders Keypers’ is
something you won’t leave home without!
The reactions I’ve garnered using this item reflect the great amount of work
and testing that has gone into its production. I’m excited to share my early
discoveries and take this piece to the next level through Beta Testing with a
select group of people. The ‘Finders Keypers’ functions MUCH LIKE the
fabulous ‘Proximity’ while we’ve adopted a new method entirely; a method
with a number of unique differences and many that I consider distinct